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Saturday, 27 September 2014
DRONGO festival
Languages for your future

With: Adriaan van Dis, Kirby van de Merwe, Pieter Muysken, Antonella Sorace, Job Cohen, Mardjan Seighali, Abdelkader Benali, Anuar, Akwasi, Van Dale Gouden Talenknobbel, and others.

On Saturday, 27 September 2014, the DRONGO festival will be celebrating multilingualism. Why? Because language skills enrich your life in an increasingly interconnected world. Languages are crucial, both now and in the future. DRONGO therefore focuses its full attention on new insights and developments relating to multilingualism.

The DRONGO festival will take place at the Central Library of OBA, the Amsterdam Public Library. The third edition of the festival is devoted to ‘Languages for your future’ and offers something for everyone. This ranges from a crash course in Chinese and interactive labs to language theatre, lectures and the best stories: throughout the entire building, language lovers can indulge themselves. For children and their parents, there is an extensive programme including workshops and reading relays. Adriaan van Dis will interview guests about language and the South African identity and wordsmith and MC Akwasi will award the Van Dale Gouden Talenknobbel [Golden Language Talent Award] 2014. Abdelkader Benali will take children on a search for their favourite word, Job Cohen will read aloud and The International Dance Theatre will perform with pupils from magnet school for the arts De Notenkraker.

In addition to workshops and performances, there is also professional attention for multilingualism. For example, the international research network Bilingualism Matters – an initiative of the Italian multilingualism expert Professor Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh) – is opening a Dutch branch. The official launch will take place at DRONGO, with a lecture by Sorace herself. In the afternoon, experts, policymakers and administrators will debate the prospects of multilingualism in primary education. Simone Kukenheim, Amsterdam Alderman for Education, Diversity, Youth and Integration, will, in this context, present the vision of the new city council. In addition, translators and interpreters will also be in the spotlight with a special reception by Tolk- en Vertaalcentrum Nederland (TVcN) and an interpreter’s route.

In short come to the DRONGO festival on 27 September and enjoy exciting discussions, find out what multilingualism does to your brain and, of course learn a new language.

Language No Problem | DRONGO festival is accessible to non-Dutch speakers. Several programmes are in English and/or have no language barrier, including many of the activities for children.

For the complete DRONGO programme, please go to www.drongofestival.nl (click the British flag for the English version of the website)

Saturday, 27 September 2014
OBA [Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam] Centrale Bibliotheek
Oosterdokskade 143, Amsterdam
10:00 to 17:00 hours

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DRONGO festival programme:
Enjoy, Discover and Learn at the DRONGO festival

> In Theater van ‘t Woord:
11:30 – 12:00 hours: Gathering for TVcN interpreters and translators by invitation only
12:30 – 13:30 hours: ‘Investing in multilingualism: benefits and challenges’, lecture by Professor Antonella Sorace, internationally known for her research on multilingualism and the effects it has on the brain. Plus the launch of the Dutch branch of research network Bilingualism Matters and a discussion afterwards (in English)
14:00 – 15:30 hours: ‘Meertalige school, veelzijdige leerlingen’ [multilingual school, versatile pupils]: session covering experiences and prospects of multilingualism in primary education. Including: Prof. Dr Rick de Graaff (Utrecht University), Dr Alex Riemersma (NHL + Stenden University, Province of Fryslân), Jannewietske de Vries (Fryslân Provincial Executive), Simone Kukenheim (Alderman for Education, Diversity, Youth and Integration, Amsterdam)
16:30 – 17:15 hours: Great DRONGO Finale including stand-up comedian Anuar, the Leerorkest orchestra and the awards ceremony for the Wetenschapsprijs.

> Crash courses in many languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Frisian, Italian, Sranantongo, Turkish and Dutch Sign Language
> Workshops and lectures include Kentalis on multilingualism and diagnostics, Early Bird on bilingual education and the European Parliament on language diversity in Europe

> Culture podium: Adriaan van Dis in conversation with versatile artist Kirby van der Merwe (South-Africa) and Pieter Muysken; finale and awards ceremony for the Van Dale Gouden Talenknobbel with Akwasi
> English spoken including Bilingual Story Time with AMS Mamas and Diglot Books

> Information trade fair with over 30 stands, including multilingual children’s books, speech therapy, language courses, language testing, materials for learning Dutch, online courses on offer
> Labs: test and examine your own language skills, discover the scientific knowledge on multilingualism, write in foreign languages, check out video interpreting and test yourself in the interpreting booth

> Children’s programme with Abdelkader Benali, language crafts, reading relay in many languages with, among others, Job Cohen, language crash courses and workshops
> Day of the Confucius Institute with crash courses in Chinese, calligraphy, workshops and films

This year, the DRONGO festival supports the Language Fund of the UAF Foundation for Refugee Students that helps highly educated refugees with their studies and work. Support them at DRONGO and make a contribution to their language studies!

For updates and the full programme, go to:

DRONGO Festival is an initiative of De Taalstudio, an organisation aiming to improve the accessibility of linguistic knowledge for practical purposes. The production is in hands of binoq atana in collaboration with the Amsterdam Public Library.
Founding Partners: Nederlandse Taalunie, OBA, Provincie Friesland, Confucius Instituut Leiden, Gemeente Amsterdam, TVcN
Partners: European Parliament, European Commission, Koninklijke Kentalis, Stemmen van Afrika, QRA, UNESCO, Van Dale Uitgevers, ZAM Magazine, Onze Taal
Thanks to: binoq, Rock & Ronnie, Fullreason, Stichting Terra, Crisfield Educational Consulting, Bilingualism Matters, AThEME, Stichting TalenTalenT, Science Center NEMO, Internationaal Danstheater

Note to the editor:
For photo materials and more information, please contact:
Ronnie Kroes
Communication DRONGO festival
(e) rkroes@drongofestival.nl
(t) +31 (0)6 48178939
(t) +31 (0)20 528 50 77 (De Taalstudio)

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