Het talenfestival van Nederland en Vlaanderen!

Exhibitors 2016

These companies will be represented on the fair at the DRONGO language festival 2016:

Exhibitors 2016

  • Alliance Française
    Alliance Française
    Do you need the French language for work or studies? Do you often visit France or another French speaking country on vacation, family visits or love? Are you considering moving to France? Then you will know how important knowledge of the French language and culture is. Alliance Française has been...
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  • AThEME
    AThEME is a collaborative research project studying multilingualism in Europe. AThEME stands for Advancing the European Multilingual Experience. This 5-year research project was set up with funding from the European Commission, in order to study multilingualism in Europe and runs from March 2014 until March 2019. The main objectives of...
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  • AVT Speechrecognition
    AVT Speechrecognition
    Professional supplier for solutions in Digital dictation and speechrecognition. AVT helps you to efficiently process all your texts. With the use of speech recognition software and if needed, Workflow software you can speed up the process for text processing. Visit the website for more information and follow us on Facebook....
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  • Bem-Vindo Language centre
    Bem-Vindo Language centre
    Bem-Vindo is a language centre for Brasislian Portugese and Dutch language courses. We offer a range of services, such as VIP, In-Company Classes (regular, intensive or semi-intensive), language training for travellers, conversation classes and preparation courses for the proficiency exam. Bem-vindo TC will present the teaching materials and methodology from...
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  • Bereslim
    Bereslim is an online product for kids aged 3 to 7 and their parents. Bereslim is the only educational product for todlers and kids with a scientifically proven method. We offer digital picture books, educational games and games that stimulate effective learning behaviour. Our products can be used both at...
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  • Berlitz
    Berlitz offers language and intercultural trainings and business seminars. In 1878, Maximilian Berlitz founded his first Berlitz School of Languages in Rhode Island, USA. Today Berlitz has 550 centers in over 70 countries, of which 4 in The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Maastricht. The name Berlitz is internationally...
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  • Beter Spellen
    Beter Spellen
    Beter Spellen is intended to train the simple grammar rules. Start your day at work or at school with a short test. See immediately what you did right and wrong. After a while, you will start to see the logic. This is a good complement to the automatic spellcheck. Visit...
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  • Bilingual Kids
    Bilingual Kids
    We are celebrating our 10th anniversary as Expert of Early English to children. We teach in schools and BSO’s nationwide, with our unique and creative in house developed lesson material, which is constantly being updated and expanded. Relocating? Over 50 multinationals have already used our Expat services; we train adults...
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  • Bloomtravel
    Bloomtravel organizes tailor-made language trips and cultural group trips to destinations all over the world. Trips with a clear goal: learning about the language, culture, history and the people of the country they are visiting, in a fun and easygoing way. We believe that good preparation is key and that...
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  • Bureau Wbtv
    Bureau Wbtv
    More information soon. Visit our website...
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  • BZO
    The most read texts in the Netherlands are subtitles on tv. Although everyone ‘never reads the subtitles’, viewings drop by 30% when they are left out. Writing subtitles is a distinct specialism among translators. Not every translator will be able to do it. Writing subtitles means walking the tightrope between...
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  • Castilla- La Mancha
    Castilla- La Mancha
    Live and learn the Spanish language in Castilla-La Mancha! Castilla-La Mancha is a region with great appeal for visitors, located in the heart of Spain. Castilla- La Mancha is the right place to discover, learn and improve the Spanish language and culture, away from the big cities, stress and constant rush. Here...
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  • Confucius Instituut
    Confucius Instituut
    The Confucius Institute is an international, non-profit organization concerned with the promotion of Chinese language and culture. Through a variety of effective teaching methods and activities we aim to enhance understanding of Chinese culture all around the world. Today, more than 300 Confucius Institutes have been set up worldwide. The...
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  • Diatoetsen
    Diatoetsen is a student monitoring system for language and mathematics. We have online diagnostic tests and teaching materials for both primary and secondary education. The tests can be used for formative assessment to monitor student development. Our tests are conform to the Dutch reference levels and the CEFR. Visit our...
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  • don Quijote
    don Quijote
    don Quijote offers Spanish courses in Spain and Latin-Amerika. Vive el Español! Learn Spanish and live the Spanish way! don Quijote is a well-kown and prestigious organisation dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language. More than 125.000 students have learned and lived Spanish during a course at one of...
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  • Dutch Sign Center
    Dutch Sign Center
    The Dutch Sign Centre ( Nederlands Gebarencentrum) has been the national independent centre of expertise for Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT) and Signed Dutch (NmG). Our mission is the maintenance of a large database and online sign dictionary and the promotion of NGT. The Dutch Sign Centre has been recognized...
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  • Einion Media
    Einion Media
    Translation and subtitling is our passion. We provide translation, subtitling or voice over in all language combinations for all ranges of clients, from television stations to private individuals. We believe in offering tailored service and guiding our clients through the often complex process of translation, subtitling and voice over. www.einionmedia.com...
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  • ESL
    ESL is a provider of worldwide language travel opportunities. Discover more than 250 exciting language travel destinations across the world, carefully selected by our experts. We collaborate with trusted partner schools en offer you exceptional language travel options, tailored to your individual needs. Courses in more than 20 languages, across...
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  • Eenvoudig Communiceren
    Eenvoudig Communiceren
    Reading is for everybody. That’s the philosophy publisher Eenvoudig Communiceren lives by. And therefore we make easy to read books and papers. By reading, you don’t only improve in language, because you will also learn about different notions and views of life. And you will improve in putting your own ideas and feelings to words. Readers...
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  • Esperanto Nederland
    Esperanto Nederland
    Esperanto Nederland provides information on the international and neutral language Esperanto. It facilitates the learning of Esperanto and its application for practical purposes. It organises meetings and courses, has a magazine and a website both for internal and external communication publishes a magazine and for those purposes. In the Esperanto...
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  • Genootschap Onze Taal
    Genootschap Onze Taal
      Genootschap Onze Taal (Dutch Society Our Language) is a association for anyone who is interested in language, especially the Dutch language. It is the largest language association in the world with 30.000 members. The association publishes a montlhy magazine Onze Taal in which the interesting aspects of language are reviewed....
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  • Hutong School
    Hutong School
    Hutong School has been offering Chinese language courses and internships in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu since 2005. Our programs include a wide range of cultural activities, excursions, elearning tools, accommodation and 24/7 practical support. The ideal way to experience and discover life in China and to make quick progress in Chinese thanks to studentcentered teaching philosophy and small groups...
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  • Fluency
    Fluency makes text-to-speechsoftware for Dutch and Frisian. See: www.fluency.nl Fluency is part of the NOTaS Pavilion...
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  • Instituto Cervantes
    Instituto Cervantes
    The Instituto Cervantes is a non-profit organization founded by the Government of Spain in 1991. Its mission is to promote Spanish language teaching as well as that of Spain’s co-official languages, in addition to fostering knowledge of the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries throughout the world. For more information, check out...
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  • Institute for Sign Language and Deaf Studies
    Institute for Sign Language and Deaf Studies
    Institute for Sign Language and Deaf Studies of Utrecht University of Applied Sciences offers courses for Interpreter and Teacher Dutch Sign Language and Speechwriters. Visit the website for more information....
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  • IntoWords
    IntoWords – Reading and writing made easy. For Windows, Chromebook, Android and iPad. Use IntoWords as a personal tool to compensate for reading and writing disabilities such as dyslexia. IntoWords is easy to use and licenses can be used both at home and at school. IntoWords reads texts aloud –...
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  • ITV Hogeschool
    ITV Hogeschool
    Language is the basis for all communication, cooperation and mutual understanding. ITV Hogeschool for Interpretation and Translation offers a four-year Bachelor degree programme for interpretation and translation in six languages. The part-time structure of the programme is designed to allow students to combine a full-time job and raising a family...
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  • The Japanese Cultural Institute
    The Japanese Cultural Institute
    The Japanese Cultural Institute in Cologne is the representation of The Japan Foundation in Germany. It introduces Japanese culture and arts both in its house in Cologne and in collaboration with partners in cultural life all over Germany. The institute offers a broad range of language courses and supports Japanese language teaching by different programs at...
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  • Klinkende Taal
    Klinkende Taal
    Klinkende Taal helps to write intelligible texts. We supply Klinkende Taal as a button in Microsoft Office Word and when you press it, Klinkende Taal evaluates your text. In the text you see the words and sentences marked that can be improved and you see the readability score (A1-C2). This...
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  • Little Red Languages
    Little Red Languages
    Looking for something different to support teaching and learning in English, French, German or Spanish? Our funny and original animated stories, songs, poems and apps are designed to engage the imagination of young learners and develop their interest in language learning. Our stories are narrated by lively native language speakers...
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  • Let's Play Languages
    Let’s Play Languages
    Let’s Play Languages supplies resources which make language learning fun and effective for primary age children and easy to deliver for the teacher. We offer a wide range of card and board games in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish well as digital resources for the interactive whiteboard. Easy to use...
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  • Master Arabic
    Master Arabic
    The Arabic language is becoming one of the most important languages nowadays. Are you intrigued by this beautiful language and do you wish to learn how to read, write and speak as a native? Would you love to be able to read the paper in Arabic and sing along those...
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  • Max Planck Institute
    Max Planck Institute
    The Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen studies all aspects of language. Their scientists investigate how children and adults acquire language(s), how speaking and listening is done, how the brain processes language and how language is related to our genes and culture. The institute participates in the Donders Institute...
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  • Meertalig.nl
    Meertalig.nl is an interactive center for everyone who is involved with educating and/or raising bilingual and multilingual children. At Meertalig.nl you will find reliable and clear information: the “basics” of bilingual and multilingual child raising. Visit the information stand of Meertalig.nl with all your questions related to bilingual and multilingual...
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  • Meertens Instituut
    Meertens Instituut
    The Meertens Institute is a research centre engaged in studying and documenting the Dutch language and culture. The main focus in on the phenomena that shape the everyday life in our society. Visit the website for more information....
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  • My Book Buddy
    My Book Buddy
    My Book Buddy stimulate children’s reading in developing countries by providing reading books.Involvment of parents and teachers are part of the concept of this special libraries. My Book Buddy supports refugee children in the Netherlands as well. Please visit our stand to get more information about the activities. Visit the...
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  • New2nl
    Are you or your employees moving to the Netherlands? Faced with a million questions and a mountain of paperwork? Let us take the stress out of relocation, so that you and your family can make the most of your new adventure. We offer a friendly one-stop-shop to help you with...
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  • NOTaS
    The NOTaS foundation was set up to encourage and support the use of Dutch language and speech technology (HLT). NOTaS participants are companies, academic institutions, universities and organisations involved in research into Dutch HLT or the development and production of HLT-related applications. Kijk voor meer informatie op onze website. In the...
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  • NT2Spraak
    NT2Spraak offers Dutch pronunciation training for foreigners. The pronunciation of Dutch is not as consequent as you might think. For instance: why does ‘hand’ rhyme to ‘kant’? Why does ‘vrouw’ rhyme to ‘gauw’ and ‘reis’ to ‘ijs’? And why does ‘gevel’ not rhyme to ‘bevel’? At Drongo Festival, we invite...
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  • Olaf & Giraf
    Olaf & Giraf
    Find out just how fun language learning can be, with Olaf & Giraf’s newest dual-language publications. It’s easier to learn a new language together at a young age. That’s why we have developed the Olaf & Giraf stories for kids at primary school age, their parents and their teachers. The...
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  • PeachTravelingSchool
    There are many ways to learn Spanish in Spain and visit this wonderful country, but there is only 1 way to truly experience its most authentic customs, talk to its most genuine people, and discover its most incredible and hidden beauties, while having an expert teacher traveling with you 24/7....
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  • Provincie Fryslân
    Provincie Fryslân
      The tasks of the provincial administration can be classified into two categories Responsible for promotion the prosperity and well-being of its inhabitants. Responsible for the implementation of certain laws and measures issued by the national government: shared administration. Important tasks of the province are the enrichment of the spatial-economic...
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  • Radboud in'to languages
    Radboud in’to languages
    Globalisation has a major impact on the way we collaborate. We need to understand cultural differences to avoid easytofallinto cultural traps. There are 8 key areas to be aware of. Get acquainted with them in this interactive and fun workshop and you will be more effective in your international collaborations. Visit the website for more information...
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  • vzw Roeland
    vzw Roeland
    For over 45 years, Roeland has been synonymous with the best quality. Our French, English and Dutch language courses offer children and teenagers a total immersion in the foreign language, in a creative, playful and innovative atmosphere. At the end of a language course, they will feel a lot more selfassured when using the language in...
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  • Radboud University
    Radboud University
    Radboud University is a comprehensive, student-oriented and internationally minded research university. The university aims to provide both students and employees with a challenging and personal environment that stimulates academic achievement and encourages people to build bridges between scientific progress and society. In the areas of education and research, Nijmegen’s university...
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  • SIGV
      More information soon Visit our website...
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  • Slavistiek UVA/ Levende Talen
    Slavistiek UVA/ Levende Talen
    Slavistiek UvA provides information and promotion of study and research on Slavic languages in the Netherlands, in cooperation with Russian and Polish sections of Levende talen. All over the world, more than 315 million people speak one of the Slavonic languages as their mother tongue. The Department of Slavonic languages...
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  • SDL
    SDL is the leader in language translation and global content management. With more than 20 years of experience, SDL helps companies build relevant digital experiences that deliver transformative business results on a global scale. SDL solutions create a global impact by creating relevant customer experiences for companies with worldwide customers. We provide an unmatched combination of...
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  • Spreekbeeld
    Spreekbeeld is a learning tool for language- and early reading difficulties. Spreekbeeld activates and automates the grapheme-phoneme conversion skill in a multi-sensorial approach. It also stimulates phonological development an phoneme awareness. It also can be used as a learning tool to improve Dutch pronunciation skills. Visit our website for more...
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  • Study-Globe
    StudyGlobe offers you a helping hand to achieve your educational dream abroad. Whether you are looking for a High School year, study or language course. We offer you a wide range of programs in many destinations. Language course abroad English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese or Arabic? It doesn’t matter which language you would like...
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  • Taalhuis Amsterdam
    Taalhuis Amsterdam
    Taalhuis Amsterdam is a small language institute where you can learn and improve your Dutch and Mediterranean languages. The teachers all have a thrill for languages, text, literature, grammar, culture and travelling! There are lessons in the cozy language schools Amsterdam and you can also travel with Taalhuis to the...
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  • Taalleermethoden.nl
    Taalleermethoden.nl – Languagelearningmethods.com – learning a language with fun, is specialized in workshops TPR and TPRS – also called TPR Storytelling. Taalleermethoden.nl introduced TPR Storytelling in 2007 in the Netherlands and Belgium is front runner of this highly effective and fun way of teaching in both countries. TPRS is still a...
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  • Taalunie
      Dutch Language Union The Taalunie (Dutch Language Union) develops policy, products and services for the optimal use of the Dutch language. This way we contribute to keeping the Dutch language alive. Because language creates opportunity. Visit our website for more information. The Taalunie also stands for multilingualism. Of the six...
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  • Tilburg University
    Tilburg University
    Understanding Communication & Culture: Society 3.0: the computer as an integral part of our homes, deeply affecting our culture and the way we communicate. Research and education at the Tilburg School of Humanities (TSH) is primarily centered on this World 3.0, on the digital junction of culture, philosophy, religion, language...
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  • Translators Without Borders
    Translators Without Borders
    Translators without Borders envisions a world where knowledge knows no language barriers. The US-based nonprofit provides people access to vital information in their language by connecting nonprofit organizations with a professional community of volunteer translators, building local language translation capacity, and raising awareness of language barriers. Originally founded in 1993...
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  • The Dutch Association of Writers and Translators
    The Dutch Association of Writers and Translators
    The Dutch Association of Writers and Translators (Vereniging van Schrijvers en Vertalers – VSenV) organizes Dutch writers of many kinds (from novelists and screen writers to poets and children’s authors) and literary and general translators. Started in 1905 restricted to the “literary field”, it reconstituted itself in 1998 as an umbrella organization currently covering four departments: the...
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  • TPRS Academy
    TPRS Academy
    TPRS Academy promotes brain friendly, personalized language education. We simulate language teachers, schools and language institutes to realize their educational ambitions regarding language learning. The workshops, coaching and the teacher training program offered by TPRS Academy facilitate language professionals to teach in a challenging way via storytelling, and motivate the...
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  • Twente University
    Twente University
    The University of Twente investigates the natural communication between people and computers or robots, paying special attention to the social and emotional aspects of language. We offer three interactive labs on the following topics: (1) dialogues with a receptionist robot, (2) production and recognition of emotional speech, (3) variations between...
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  • TES Educational
    TES Educational
    More than 50 year we advise our customers about the purchase and implementation of several language learning and teaching solutions. Together we find the solution that is most suitable for YOU. All our systems are installed, implemented an sustained by our own staff. Together with you we make teaching & learning everyday a lttle bit better and...
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  • Taalreis BV
    Taalreis BV
    Taalreis is a speech therapy practice specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of communication problems in children of primaryschool age. It is our focus to have children experience fun while communicating. Our specialties include among others multilingualism in children, language development, speech development and eating, drinking and swallowing. We also offer special care packages for elementary schools. Taalreis...
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  • Uitgeverij Boom NT2
    Uitgeverij Boom NT2
    Boom NT2: we offer course material to learn Dutch as a second language. Boom NT2 develops course material for newcomers in the Netherlands. Are you a NT2 teacher? We can advise you about NT2 methods and think along how you can use the method in your class. Would you like...
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  • Utrecht University of Applied Sciences Refugees
    Utrecht University of Applied Sciences Refugees
    Courses for Teachers in Language Education for refugees. Visit the website for more information....
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  • Uitgeverij Coutinho
    Uitgeverij Coutinho
    Uitgeverij Coutinho: since 1976 your specialist for methods to learn special foreign languages. Come and get to know our varied selection of methods to learn a foreign language. Whether you want to learn a few words of Greek, want to speak the local language on your holiday in Indonesia, or...
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  • University of Groningen
    University of Groningen
    Discover our innovative bachelor- and masterprogrammes on minorities & multilingualism at the University of Groningen. Benefiting from the natural Frisian and Groningen laboratory of multilingualism, our students learn how to study, how to manage, and how to enjoy cultural and linguistic diversity. Our BA-programme has been evaluated as the best...
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  • Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities
    Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities
    The Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University encompasses the disciplines of history, art, philosophy, music, literature, language, religion, and media. Our education and research are primarily aimed at contributing to a better understanding of the Netherlands and Europe in a rapidly changing social and cultural context. Among other things, we...
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  • UvA Modern Languages
    UvA Modern Languages
    European languages, Arabic, Hebrew and even Sign language…look beyond borders at the UvA. The University of Amsterdam offers a variety of language programmes: European languages, Arabic, Hebrew and even sign language. Teachers and students will inform you on the advantages of learning an extra language. By following a language programme,...
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  • Vi-taal
    Vitaal is a project and design bureau for visual communication, specialising in the dissemination of information about deaf culture and sign language as a means of interaction and communication. Contributions are made in two ways: by executing projects on cultural aspects of sign language and by using the Sign Shop (‘Gebarenwinkel’) at the Hague as a platform. Eastablished...
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  • Van Dale
    Van Dale
    Van Dale Publishers: Language Creators of the Future At this year’s edition of DRONGO, we will be introducing ourselves with a stand full of language products and services to help support language users in translating and using other languages. Van Dale staff will be present to answer all of your questions in several languages about dictionaries,...
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    Levende Talen (Living Languages) was founded in 1911 and is the oldest Dutch association of language teachers. Its members are from all sectors of education; they are from the Arabic, Chinese, German, English, French, Friesian, Italian, Dutch (with NT2), Dutch Sign Language, Papiamento, Polish, Russian, Spanish or Turkish departments. Levende Talen...
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